Teamwork and communications

To us, the development of the campaign brief is a team process. We combine our expertise as direct marketers with the client’s vision of their objective.

We are committed to regular reviewing and reporting - the review process is driven by our reports back to you; frequent, concise and clear.


Regular progress reviews are essential in ongoing campaigns. Plans change, and having the flexibility to adapt to client’s changing requirements is something which we regard as part of the service.

People and technology

Cornerstones of our business! People with the skills to represent your company and the experience to contribute to its development. Our operators are drawn from numerous backgrounds, able to deal with telephone contacts up to senior management level.

Our technology in telemarketing achieves call efficiency and helps us produce quality analyses and reports. Technology also plays a central part in the creation of our databases; pinpointing your prospects by size, type, location, activity - with incredible selectivity.

Training & Briefing

To maintain the highest standards and skills, all staff have a formal training session in a given area of their work at a scheduled time every week. This ensures that skills are updated, and everyone’s contribution and value to the business is maximised.

Prior to the commencement of any project, the team assigned to it are fully trained to achieve the required objective. Telemarketing only commences when operators are able to conduct calls as if they were part of your business.

Direct Marketing Expertise

After all, it’s our business! All our work is bespoke, all based on what is precisely right for the client; their business, their sector, their objective. We deal with small projects based on 300 contacts, right up to high volume campaigns involving over 10 000 prospects.