Increasingly, companies demand that their marketing communications activities deliver profitable, measurable results. Budgets must work harder to support sales growth and client base growth.

Two-way communication

Direct Marketing is now a prime tool in creating appointments and achieving sales. The combination of mail and telemarketing doesn’t simply carry a message, it drives it home, cost effectively, in a way which stimulates action from decision makers.

Opening doors

We provide our clients with new business opportunities which are crucial to business growth.

Working smarter

Direct mail and telemarketing may be used to support or even replace traditional page advertising in trade magazines. It is an ideal way to launch or test market new products, or reach specialist, small market segments which clients may find difficult to access efficiently.

Niche Marketing

Developments in the technology of database management software, and a far greater acceptance of telephone communication in the workplace has meant that this method of targeting and selling has become increasingly popular.