Precision is key

We are a ‘Business to Business' Telemarketing and Direct Mail agency committed to serving the growing recognition that in marketing, information and precision are key; High precision achieved through our ability to pinpoint selected individuals within your target market.


Based in Buckinghamshire, we are direct marketing specialists offering broad industry experience. Our clients come from a diverse range of industries, including

We have multi-lingual staff and international contacts, so we can conduct overseas projects if required.

Targeting for effectiveness

Achieving far better targeting, effectiveness and results than advertising, we use the latest direct mail, list profiling and telemarketing technology to communicate with exactly those prospects you are interested in - cutting out cold calling, poor quality advertising leads, and wasted budgets.

Attention to detail

Papyrus Marketing values quality in the form of close attention to detail; developing the right creative marketing and campaign structure through the combination of marketing skill and listening skill - we listen closely to our customers to ensure we meet and exceed expectations and objectives.