Updated August 2012

Office move

We have now moved to smart, modern offices in Milton Keynes. We are easily accessible by Train, being 5 minutes from Milton Keynes Station. We are 10 minutes by car from Junction 14 of the M1.

New business

We are currently working on a diverse range of projects ranging from the independent retail business to banking and computer software.

1. Conveyancing software

Our client required us to contact Conveyancing Partners in Solicitors practices in the UK, offering a software package which virtually automates the conveyancing process. We are currently achieving an appointment every two hours for this client.

2. Toy Industry website

This Hong Kong based company has a web site which brings together toy manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers across the globe. Businesses in the toy industry are invited to join, and as members, they benefit from this 'one-stop' concept and are able to source products, identify trading partners and even place orders.

3. US Energy Company

This new project requires us to contact small to medium size companies in North America and 'sign up' new businesses to our clients' low cost gas for catering or heating.

4. On line book ordering system

'The Book Partnership' offers Independent book retailers an online / web based book ordering system. This allows the independent store to compete on equal terms with the large online book ordering companies. It is currently proving to be a success, with 8% of those being mailed and telemarketed wanting an appointment.

5. Executive outplacement company

We are currently working for an executive outplacement business. Our brief is to arrange appointments with HR Directors of companies which plan to reduce headcount. Our client helps large companies to outplace senior managers with a new employer.

As we are skilled in getting through to senior decision makers in substantial size companies, we have helped this client to gain substantial new business.

6. Production line inspection cameras

We target Production Directors for this client, generating appointments for their Sales Team to demonstrate and sell cameras which can detect, compare and inspect products on a fast moving production line. We have so far generated appointments with senior managers in FTSE 100 companies and internationally known manufacturing businesses.


We currently have telemarketing and research vacancies. Rates of pay are competitive, and we also offer a bonus. We also offer four weeks paid holiday. Please go to our recruitment page for more details. 


Neil Younger